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How do I setup email on my home security camera?

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The prospect of using artificial intelligence for video surveillance

Most surveillance cameras are ineffective because they simply record information and save it in the archive. The result is kilometers of video recordings that no one can view. Recently, artificial intelligence programs are gaining momentum, the principle of operation of which is similar to the principle of action of neural networks. Such programs turn cameras into smart devices that can "understand" what is happening on the video. This significantly reduces the time spent on information analysis and makes monitoring much more efficient.

Typically, a guard sits in front of a monitor with a large number of images. Artificial intelligence allows you to instantly identify only important information from the entire stream. The security guard will receive photos on his mobile phone that the program seemed suspicious, and he can easily identify an attacker in the building or next to him.

Using CCTV to control your home
Now you can be out of the house for as long as you want. Worry will not interfere with your travels and business trips. Smart video surveillance provides only important information, which allows you to remain calm and confident in the safety of your home.

Video surveillance of the nanny and children
Leaving children with a stranger is always scary, no matter how trustworthy he may seem. Intelligent video surveillance technologies allow you to monitor the actions of the nanny and control how well she performs her duties.

Video surveillance of animals
Sometimes you have to leave your pets alone, unattended. Now there is a way. Video surveillance will allow you to monitor them through your smartphone or computer.

Video Surveillance for Small Businesses
Business security is the key to a successful company development. Monitoring using smart video surveillance will quickly isolate the necessary information from a continuous stream of frames. The security guard will not have to peer at hundreds of small pictures, as a result of which the security of your business will increase significantly.

Web Camera Pro - video surveillance with artificial intelligence.

Video surveillance software
Home security cameras are an important investment in protecting your home. Whether you're concerned about theft or you simply want to check in on a mischievous pet, Home Security Cameras can provide alerts.

The latest outdoor CCTV cameras combine the convenient functions of any "smart home" device with advanced camera technology, so you will always be in the know.

The main goal of installing home video surveillance is to ensure the safety of housing. But she is not the only one. In the household there are a lot of events that need to be controlled.

Here are just the most basic:

  • The ability of the owners to remotely monitor what is happening in the house.
  • Observe the actions of the nanny or any other staff with access to the inside of the housing.
  • Elderly relatives who require care and constant monitoring.
  • Observation of children in your absence.
  • Outdoor security (perimeter of the house, stairwells, platforms, etc.).
  • Video fixation: who and how often rings the doorbell, what happens around and inside the house throughout the day.

In case of any incidents, video surveillance system records and allows you to quickly and accurately understand the situation and make the right decision.